Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day From The Future...


In just 10 short years, Trevor will be 20 and out of the house (hopefully), Victoria will be 16, and Sophie will be 13.  It's horrifying to think about, but time marches on, I guess.  Anywho, they wanted to wish you a Happy Father's Day and thought their sentiments would best be expressed through song.

First is from Trevor...
Interesting choice.  Pretty melancholy, but he always was a bit of a drama queen amiright?

Next is Victoria's:  

Well that was...expected.  Let's be honest.

And, finally it's Sophie's turn- 

Hmm...Well, I think it's safe to say you did a solid job of parenting.  Good luck with those kids future Wesley.

In all seriousness, you are a wonderful father, and I am so thankful every day that I have you to help me raise these precocious and amazing kids.  I love you.  And here is my Father's Day sentiment:

*Please believe this is the least cheesy video I could find on YouTube.  

Sunday, June 10, 2012


It's official.  School is out, and I am about to become a slave to the 3 little monsters angels. Although school has officially been out for a week now, we put the kids in a summer camp last week, so tomorrow is my first real day at home with them...all day...every day...until August 23rd (or possibly sooner, if the job thing works out).  If yesterday is any indication of what I'm in for, I'm going to need a Xanax prescription stat, or someone is going to get locked in a closet and beaten with wire hangers.

In spite of my impending incarceration, I have good news- Trev finished out the school year with straight A's, and Vic is at a reading level of 10, which means nothing to me, except that the average is a 4, so that's like 2.5 times as good, right?  I'm very proud of them.

Here they are on their last day: