Monday, July 2, 2012


Although I'm desperately trying to get back into the work force and put all of this school schmool stuff behind me, I am still technically a student, so that I can continue to defer my student loans until a point in which I am gainfully employed again, and we can afford to begin paying them back.  To keep up with the ruse, I am supposed to register today, and I actually found a couple of classes that will be useful in a multitude of career paths.  Well, my college is notorious for its difficulties with registering- people not getting classes, system not being able to handle too many people registering at one time, etc., so I am always ready to go at 8 am on the dot on the first day of registration.  I always get kicked out of the system multiple times, which is super stressful, but I have always managed to get my classes due to my perseverance and preparedness.

Today is supposed to be the first day of registration for Fall, and the 2 classes I found are offered online, except for 1 meeting for an hour and a half 1 night per week.  It would be the easiest schedule I've ever had, and I could still work during the day without having to drop the classes.  It's ideal to be sure.  Of course, I hadn't counted on the registration system being down all day today, so I've been sitting at the computer ALL MORNING LONG waiting for them to fix whatever the hell is wrong, so I can sign up for my classes as soon as the system is up and running, and move the hell on with my life.  My poor children have been neglected and forced to care for themselves, and I know I only have a short time until this turns into Lord of the Flies The Hunger Games ( I actually read this one), and my kids start fighting to the death for their own preservation.  I also still need to go to the grocery store as well, so it really is about to be The Hunger Games, and I can promise I will win that shit, so it's best if it doesn't even become an issue.

Since I'm stuck here anyway, I've decided to post some pictures proving that today really is the only day of neglect, because I've been running around all summer like an insane person trying to keep these children entertained.  We've been to a few parks, the zoo, and the pool just about every day.  All I'm saying is that I'd better be about 50 pounds lighter come August 23rd.  Oh, and I probably should note that it's really my neighbor who's forcing me to be a fantabulous mother.  She's active and fit and fun, and she's dragging me into that healthy lifestyle with her.  And I couldn't be more grateful.  Without her, there may have already been a murder-suicide at my house.  You can see her adorable little boy in some of the pics below.

Proof to my children's future therapists that I'm not a terrible mother:
 They are all clothed, FYI.
 He's seriously, the most well-behaved kid.  Hopefully mine won't ruin him.
 The girls in a rare moment of cooperation.

 I had to include this one.  This is my father-in-law fixing Sophie's blanket for the bazillionth time.

 Water balloons.  We ended up throwing about 70 total.

She had just thrown a balloon at me and was so happy.

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  1. Damn impressive for it barely being a month into summer break. I'm exhausted just looking at the pics!