Monday, October 22, 2012

Father Daughter Dance

Friday was the Father Daughter dance at school, and since both girls are now at school, they both got to go with Wesley.  From what he tells me, it mostly involved him standing by the wall, holding shoes, while the girls danced with their friends.  They each ran into someone from their classes, so they had a good time.  While the girls were away, Trevor and I watched a totally inappropriate movie for a 10yo, Scary Movie, and enjoyed the uninterrupted silence.

I, of course, had to take pictures before the dance, so here's an example of what I have to go through every single time I want to have Sophie in a picture:

"Girls, I want to take a picture in your dresses before you go."
"Sophie, you're frowning, can we try it again with a smile?"

"You're still making a weird face, and Victoria, please keep looking at the camera."

"Seriously, Sophie.  Please just smile.  I want a nice picture in your dresses."

"Ugh, you both have demon eyes, but you're smiling, so I can deal with it.  God I need a real camera. I wish you hadn't broken mine, Sophie." ...And scene.

And here they are with their handsome and proud daddy. Notice Sophie is still up to shenanigans, not actually smiling. Heifer.

Here's the one she took when Wesley asked her nicely to smile for his camera.

The hubs was able to get a video of Sophie dancing with her friend.  She does more for him than me for sure.

In addition to the dance, the kids also had a visit from their Aunt Kathleen, who was kind enough to watch them while the hubs and I did Color Me Rad.  The race was a blast, and I will definitely take them next year, since I think they're going to make it an annual thing.  Kath survived the morning with no major incidents, and I didn't keel over during the race, so it was a success all around.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blessings Counted

Yesterday the kids and I had the opportunity to participate in the Energy for Life walk in Charlotte.  It's a walk to benefit people with Mitochondrial Disease, and it was a wonderful chance for the kids to realize how lucky they are, and more importantly for me to realize how lucky I am.

We went to support my friend's nephew who is 3 days older than Trevor. We got to spend time with a family that basically helped raise me from 8th grade on.  My friend passed away when Victoria was about 6 months old, so I haven't seen them in a ridiculously long time (i.e. I had another kid since then), so in addition to supporting a good cause, it was a great opportunity to catch up.

The little monster refused to pose in this one.  I don't want to hear her crap when she's older about not being in any pictures.

Sharon (Ben's mom), Ben, and Mr. Williams (my bonus dad). Ben did so well yesterday, walking a majority of the time.  It's amazing to see how far he's come.  His parents are amazing people.

There was a Fire Truck, and that's Sophie's new obsession, so she and I broke off from the walk to visit the Firemen.  They let us sit up in the truck.  Sidenote: I'm too short to be a Fire Fighter, because I barely was able to get into the truck.

Sophie was supposed to be in front of this but refused.

She's not smiling.  She's analyzing the gauges on the side of the truck, and I happened to snap it at the right time.

There was a big hill at the park, so naturally the kids had to roll down it.

I love this one, because they all look ridiculous.

I was allowed to take this one.  Note: she's still not looking at the camera.

On the playground, they have an old train engine the kids can play in. Very cool.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthweek Victoria

Only Victoria can manage to drag out her birthday celebration for a week.  Last Tuesday, Grandma came to visit, followed by a visit from Nana and Papa on Saturday, a trip to Carowinds yesterday, and a day at the movies today while her brother and sister had to go to school.  I'd have to say it's been a good birthday for her.  It's #7, which sounds so much older than 6 for some reason.  She's a little girl- no more baby left in her at all.

Vic with Aunt Kathleen, who made it possible for the hubs to actually ride some adult rides for once.

Sophie riding on something she was technically too short to ride.  She had a blast.

Trev and yours truly

Sophie and Linus, BeBe buddies

Vic and Linus

The real Charlie Brown (aka Trev) decided to sit this one out.

I was trying to snap this pic behind me, because Soph and I were in front of them.  I don't know what Vic is doing.

Sophie's expression at the top of the hill on the Woodstock Express (aka the Scooby Doo roller coaster before the name change.) She loved the rides.  She is such a little daredevil.

I think this was the only time Victoria rode with me.  Most of the time she hung with her big brother.

This is quite a special shot in that not one of them was looking at the camera.  It takes a true talent to capture something like this.

Standing on the rails for the billionth time after being told repeatedly not to.

I swear trying to get this girl to smile is impossible.

My sister and me before she dragged me on to a roller coaster with multiple loops, twists, and turns, which successfully relocated all of the fluid in my head, causing nausea every time I got on a ride from that point on.

Victoria and her alter ego

Daddy and Sophie

We snuck this one on a ride, too, and you can see how delighted she was.

The Fam
Jack In The Box for dinner.  The kids were so exhausted.

The birthday girl this morning