Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blessings Counted

Yesterday the kids and I had the opportunity to participate in the Energy for Life walk in Charlotte.  It's a walk to benefit people with Mitochondrial Disease, and it was a wonderful chance for the kids to realize how lucky they are, and more importantly for me to realize how lucky I am.

We went to support my friend's nephew who is 3 days older than Trevor. We got to spend time with a family that basically helped raise me from 8th grade on.  My friend passed away when Victoria was about 6 months old, so I haven't seen them in a ridiculously long time (i.e. I had another kid since then), so in addition to supporting a good cause, it was a great opportunity to catch up.

The little monster refused to pose in this one.  I don't want to hear her crap when she's older about not being in any pictures.

Sharon (Ben's mom), Ben, and Mr. Williams (my bonus dad). Ben did so well yesterday, walking a majority of the time.  It's amazing to see how far he's come.  His parents are amazing people.

There was a Fire Truck, and that's Sophie's new obsession, so she and I broke off from the walk to visit the Firemen.  They let us sit up in the truck.  Sidenote: I'm too short to be a Fire Fighter, because I barely was able to get into the truck.

Sophie was supposed to be in front of this but refused.

She's not smiling.  She's analyzing the gauges on the side of the truck, and I happened to snap it at the right time.

There was a big hill at the park, so naturally the kids had to roll down it.

I love this one, because they all look ridiculous.

I was allowed to take this one.  Note: she's still not looking at the camera.

On the playground, they have an old train engine the kids can play in. Very cool.

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