Monday, October 22, 2012

Father Daughter Dance

Friday was the Father Daughter dance at school, and since both girls are now at school, they both got to go with Wesley.  From what he tells me, it mostly involved him standing by the wall, holding shoes, while the girls danced with their friends.  They each ran into someone from their classes, so they had a good time.  While the girls were away, Trevor and I watched a totally inappropriate movie for a 10yo, Scary Movie, and enjoyed the uninterrupted silence.

I, of course, had to take pictures before the dance, so here's an example of what I have to go through every single time I want to have Sophie in a picture:

"Girls, I want to take a picture in your dresses before you go."
"Sophie, you're frowning, can we try it again with a smile?"

"You're still making a weird face, and Victoria, please keep looking at the camera."

"Seriously, Sophie.  Please just smile.  I want a nice picture in your dresses."

"Ugh, you both have demon eyes, but you're smiling, so I can deal with it.  God I need a real camera. I wish you hadn't broken mine, Sophie." ...And scene.

And here they are with their handsome and proud daddy. Notice Sophie is still up to shenanigans, not actually smiling. Heifer.

Here's the one she took when Wesley asked her nicely to smile for his camera.

The hubs was able to get a video of Sophie dancing with her friend.  She does more for him than me for sure.

In addition to the dance, the kids also had a visit from their Aunt Kathleen, who was kind enough to watch them while the hubs and I did Color Me Rad.  The race was a blast, and I will definitely take them next year, since I think they're going to make it an annual thing.  Kath survived the morning with no major incidents, and I didn't keel over during the race, so it was a success all around.

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  1. No major incidents that you know of...YET ;-) They all really do look great; you need to make taking a family picture an annual all of you in pink bunny suits for Christmas...