Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romance Is Dead, or Maybe Just in a Coma For Now

When you've been married for over 11 years and have 3 kids, Valentine's Day is just another day.  I used to not understand the people that said it was a "Hallmark" holiday and thought they were just bitter and lonely. And while that may be the case for some people, I now realize that most of them are like us- far too busy with kids, jobs, school, and life to make plans that entail eating dinner in an insanely crowded, expensive restaurant, paying a babysitter an exorbitant amount, and seeing some God-awful romantic comedy starring America's Sweetheart opposite some young hottie in a preposterous plot that creates unrealistic standards that your relationship can never meet.

As an old married, you spend the day making sure your kids are taken care of.  You are their Valentine, and you make sure they feel special and loved, and in return, they give you some awesome homemade craft or card they made in school.  I know one day Wesley and I will have our Valentine's Day back, but for now, I prefer to celebrate it surrounded by my kids...and the candy they got from their classmates at school.

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