Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Haircut

A couple of days ago, I cut Sophie's hair (at her request), and it dawned on me that it was her first actual haircut.  I mean, I've cut her bangs a million times before, but I've never touched the rest.  Her hair has a gorgeous curl to it, unlike the nappy squirrel that graces the top of my head.  So, when she asked me to cut her hair short like a boy, I obliged, thinking that a short bouncy cut would be super cute.  Only, I refused to go as short as she wanted.  I am not Angelina Jolie (obv), and she is not Shiloh.  I'm not nurturing her "I want to be a boy" feelings, because I want her to look like the pretty little girl she is, and I don't want to clean up urine from her attempts to pee standing up.  When she gets older and can save up for her operation, I will fully support her transition into maleness, but for now, she's still my baby girl, and will look like it.


Right after when she was so upset because it wasn't short enough:

A few hours later, when she had settled down about it (excuse the hub's photobomb):

From the back.  And, yes, she is cleaning my shower.  She seriously begged to help me. 

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  1. It's so funny; you can totally see the resemblance between Miss Sophie Grace and Vic in that pic where she's smiling...but maybe that's because Sophie is actually posing for the camera instead of hiding from it ;-)