Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sliding Doors

This past weekend, we took the boy to his first football game.  Well, technically he went to a Georgia game last year with the hubs and his Papa, but I don't count that, because it was Georgia, and they don't count.  So on Saturday the hubs and I took him to his first REAL football game.  We left the girls with the grandparents from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon, so it was the first time in 7 years that it was just us and him.  I mean, we've taken turns with each kid, making sure they have a day with one or the other of us, but never both of us together.  And I have to say it was surreal, and, dare I say it, magical.  It was incredibly peaceful- no arguing, yelling, or screaming for an entire day.  It was a glimpse into the life we could have had if we had just stopped with one. And I loved every second of it. I know that sounds horrible, but my God are the girls loud. One in particular, who's name rhymes with Schmictoria, is the loudest person known to man, so it was nice not to have my eardrums rattled for a day.  That's it, though.  Just a day, because that tiny glimpse into what could have been was enough to realize I would be bored with that life.  Trevor is 10 now, and he doesn't need me as much, which would be devastating if I didn't have the two girls behind him to keep me hopping.  I am happy that he finally had us to himself after all of these years, because he's an amazing kid and needs to be doted upon and appreciated from time to time.  He definitely gets lost in the shuffle, since he's the oldest.


Phone camera sucks, but if you look in the center, that little guy is Steve Spurrier.  I didn't even know he was walking by, because I saw all of the humongous football players.  I got this shot by chance.


Little Red Riding Hood.  This mofo talked me out of wearing a jacket, because I layered a jersey over a long sleeve tee.  Meanwhile these two Nancy's were wearing jackets in 50 degree windy weather.


The band lining up for 2001.  If you don't know what that is, Youtube it.  It's the best part of seeing a game live.

Military appreciation.  They had jets fly over as well, and they were right above us, since we were so high up.  It was super loud and almost gave the boy a heart attack.

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  1. Love the pics, especially the last one. Trevor does look like the perfect blend of the both of you.