Sunday, January 6, 2013

Catching up (Warning: A Ton of Pictures)

With the holidays and the new job, I don't have much time to keep up with this blog, so let me sum up the past couple of weeks.  After Christmas Wesley and I went to Tampa for the Outback Bowl to watch my team (and now employer) kick Michigan's ass.  Tampa is a shit stain, and I never want to return, but luckily Wesley and I have the best time when we're in horrible places. This was the longest we had been away from the kids, but thankfully I have amazing in-laws that always take really good care of the little monsters, so we didn't worry a bit about them.  I missed them terribly on New Year's Eve, but shortly after we had them back, they were fussing and fighting, making me long for the days in God's butthole where there were homeless people on every street corner, and the path to anywhere led straight through the ghetto. We seriously passed a guy on the corner rolling a joint out in the open.

The Tampa pics are backwards, as in the most recent are first.  I was too lazy to put them in order, so think of this like Memento, but not interesting or suspenseful. 

 I'm in front of the Tampa Bay Buc's pirate ship doing my best Captain Morgan's impression.

Tailgating before the game, which for us involves drinking sodas and eating Subway.  Wooo party.

This dick showed up to my game supporting the arch enemy.  His game was playing at the same time, so he claims he had to show support.

Luckily my sister gave me a bowl game shirt, and unluckily the hubs and I are the same size, so I wasn't embarrassed to be seen with the enemy. Just look at that face of contempt.

Oasis Rules! This was in the Hard Rock Casino. The hubs, my sis, and I are probably the only remaining fans.

Ghostbusters slot.  You would think as much love as I have given Bill Murray over the years, this thing would have paid out.  But no.

My first time in a casino, and boy do I look like it.  We look like the 2 biggest losers, but I can assure you, we were surrounded by many people much more pathetic, old, or whorey.

At Clearwater Beach, the one place where I was pretty sure we wouldn't get raped and/or murdered.

Wow, Guy Pearce really let himself go.  

Our first night was spent in Savannah, since I've lived in SC my entire life and never been.  I can safely say while it was beautiful, I don't feel the need to go back.  We go to Charleston every year, so yeah, it really is basically the same thing.

Since this was the first weekend we had with the kids since Christmas, we spent time letting the kids enjoy their bikes. And I took a ridiculous amount of pictures with my fancy new to me camera.
Finally riding a bike with 2 wheels.  Better later than never.

Look at that face.  Always so suspicious.

Always picture perfect.

She spent most of the time collecting rocks and talking to them like they were people.  I don't even know.

Probably one of the best pictures of her ever.  I guess the stars aligned at this moment, because when she saw this later, her response was, "I told you I didn't want any pictures!"

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  1. By the way, you look great in these pictures! I know you don't believe it, but the light lipstick looks good on you; makes you look all baby-faced and young...bitch! ;-P