Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Kid Turned 4...10 Days Ago...And I'm just Now Writing About It

Don't worry. We did celebrate said birthday, but I've been too exhausted/busy to post about it.  Luckily I was in the 4-year-old's room tonight and stepped on one of the 150 toys on her floor and wrenched my back, so I am a prisoner in this chair.  Instead of putting up the 800 baskets of laundry in my room like I should be, I'm stuck, immobile and in pain.

Her birthday was on a Wednesday which is a terrible day for a birthday, but we did dine on her favorite food, which happens to be my least favorite (McDonald's) and had some cupcakes.  Then the following Saturday we had the fam up for a real cake and pizza, and on Sunday we took our buddy from across the street with us to Monkey Joe's and Skateland.  In our house, birthdays are a multi-day extravaganza, so those little punks hopefully appreciate that fact.  We're certainly spoiling them for their future significant others.

Looks like we got a badass over here.  Look who decided to lace up some skates with the kids.

Random pic of Sophie.  She matched up her figures with their corresponding Play Doh colors.

Birthday lunch

She's fussing because I'm taking a picture.

If looks could kill.

Crazy eyes

Vic is trying to be sweet.  Can you see Sophie cringing?

I promise Trev was here.  He was off to the side as usual.

She lets her Daddy take good pictures.  Brat.

Playing with Papa.

It's exhausting being the center of attention.

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