Friday, March 9, 2012

Particularly Poignant Pinterest Post

How's that for some alliteration? Anywho, I was browsing my current obsession, Pinterest, and I came upon this little gem: 
I try to stay away from the cheesy, as it doesn't usually mesh with my sardonic, sarcastic (i.e. asshole)  personality, but this one actually fits right now.  When I last posted about my new job, I was riding high from sticking someone with a needle and drawing blood- an odd thing to find pride in, I know, but nonetheless satisfying.  Since then, I've been training with someone I'll call "Bitch who thinks she's better than everyone but really just feels bad because she never made it as a real nurse".  That's her Native American name.  I'll call her "Bitch, please" (BP) for short.

So, I trained for 2 days with BP, and they were the 2 worst days of my life- professionally speaking.  She eradicated any confidence I had gained in sticking someone within the first few minutes of training me when she hissed at me to never walk in front of the patients and always walk behind them, as if I had committed the ultimate sin.  She proceeded to point out every error I made and made pointed comments regarding her ability to catch on quickly and the initiative she took when she was new.  She rarely let me do anything, and according to her what I did do was wrong (it wasn't).  She embarrassed me in front of patients and made more than one statement about my possibility (or impossibility) of making it there.

At the end of the second training day, I was done.  I decided to not only throw in the towel on this job, but the whole medical profession as a whole.  I couldn't cut it as a Nursing student/Nurse Tech, and I couldn't cut it here, so maybe it just wasn't meant to be.  In the meantime, I have been interviewing with a state agency regarding a position doing something very similar to what I did before I decided to switch careers.  I only applied as a safety net in case I didn't get into the Nuclear Medicine program, so I was pleasantly surprised when they called me for a phone interview and then a formal one. The thing is, I was good at managing employee benefits.  Dammit, I was awesome at it, and the employees loved me.  I knew I could build the same rapport in this position and really excel, but when I was formally accepted into the NMT program, I thought my path was solidified.  That was before BP threw my world into chaos.  I had initially turned down the final interview for the HR position, but I ended up calling them back, and practically begging them to give me a shot.

Cut to yesterday when I trained with 2 ridiculously cool chicks.  They were patient and actually stopped to show me things.  They continually told me how well I was doing and boosted my confidence back up.  They quizzed me, and I answered correctly most of the time.  And the best part was the one of them had trained with BP herself and stated that she was, in fact, a bitch who thinks she's superior to everyone else.  Oh, thank God!  It wasn't just me.  Everyone else up in there acted like BP hung the moon, so this chick's blatant honesty was so refreshing.  It is her, and not me.  Maybe I'm not a total fuck up, and maybe I can make a go at this profession.  I also must note that the hubs has been super supportive and has repeatedly told me that I will be great in this field, if I just give myself a chance.  But, you know it's always more believable when it comes from people you're not sleeping with.

So, now I'm scheduled for and interview for the HR gig, because I can't very well cancel on them after begging them to take me back.  I also have 1 more training sesh with BP and 2 more with one of the cool chicks, so I'm still trying to decide if this job thing will be something I can handle.  We'll see how it goes, but for now, I think I'm back on track with the Nuclear Med thing, but it is nice to have options.


  1. did that all turn out for you? Inquiring minds want to know? ;-P

  2. Yeah, fuck Pinterest and its poignant posts. Bitch, you know what happened. Why you be callin' me out? Still, I posted the update, as you can see.