Friday, March 9, 2012

The Power of a 6yo Girl

Do you remember that Firestarter movie with Drew Barrymore?  The one where she's telekinetic, and starts fires and stuff?  Well, that's Victoria, my 6yo.  While she's not currently lighting my face on fire with a glance (oh, if she only could), she is forcing me to listen to music that would normally cause me to ban any radio station playing it.  But, it's a concession you make as a parent, especially of girls, who tend to enjoy the teeny bopper rock.  Enter Justin Bieber.  I've never thought twice about this kid, because of course, as a rational adult, I knew I would never enjoy what he had to offer.  He does bear a passing resemblance to my son, but other than that, I really couldn't care less about him or his crappy music.  That is until I was forced to put this on my ipod.
And, well, um....I don't hate it.  And by don't hate it, I mean as soon as everyone is out of the car, I play it any chance I get, and I sing my heart out.  My point is, Victoria really has the ability to control minds, because that is the only explanation I can think of where I don't come off as an insane person.

My little firestarter (complete with hot pink hair:
The Biebs and Trev- a little similarity, no? OK, I know they're not twins, but they have similar features.

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  1. Trevor will one day kill you for this post. You know he hates it when you make that comparison. :-)