Sunday, April 1, 2012

Big Plans, Little Follow Through

I always want to mess with my kids every year, but usually the day sneaks up on me, and I forget.  For once, I pre-planned, and I had big plans this year.  I was going to draw on their faces in the middle of the night, scare them, spray them with silly string, and cook them an April Fools' themed dinner.  Well, I accomplished one goal.  I cooked them a reverse dinner. It looks like a pimento cheese sandwich with mixed veggies and a cupcake, but it's really sliced pound cake with  tinted icing, orange and yellow Starbursts and a green Fruit Rollup, and meatloaf cupcakes topped with pink mashed potatoes.  I actually surprised them, mostly because every time they set foot near the kitchen, I screamed at them to leave.  In my defense, if I hadn't, they would have been under my feet with 20 questions about dinner, and they would have ruined the only thing I actually accomplished today.

This is supposed to look like a grilled cheese sandwich, but I put too much red food coloring in the icing, so it looks more like pimento cheese.  Let's pretend I meant to do that.

Meatloaf Cupcakes before and after Icing.  I could have piped it, but who am I kidding?
 The complete meal.  Looks a little sloppy because the icing melted a little- much like a real grilled cheese.

This is when they were trying to figure it all out.  The big kids actually loved it.  The youngest couldn't get past the mashed potato icing and just kept whining, "I don't like it!"

I got my ideas from this site.  Go there if you want to see how my food should have looked.  I've already explained my artistic challenges, right?

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