Saturday, April 7, 2012

Look Ma! No hands!

We're now 3 for 3 with kids that have been in casts. It seems Victoria's guardian angel was taking a break when she decided to show off by swinging with no hands. She lost her balance and ended up backflipping into the dirt face first. At first I thought that was the worst part until she started complaining about her left wrist. She continued to cry non-stop which is very unlike the tough girl I know. Then I looked down and noticed the swelling. It was slight but visible. I made a makeshift splint with a towel and took her to the orthopedic doctor who thankfully has an after hours clinic. After about 3 hours, my tough little nugget left with a pretty pink cast. She had broken, not one, but both bones in her wrist because if you're going to do something you should go all in. She was the ideal patient as usual. I'm thankful to have one child that is. She's very excited about showing her friends and having them sign it, but I predict the novelty will wear off quickly since it is her dominant hand, and she's already having trouble with day-to-day tasks. Luckily we're looking at 4 weeks at the most, so we'll have to give her a handicap during the egg hunt.

*The first pic I took was of her in the waiting room at the ortho doc. You can see my pathetic attempt at a splint. Anyway please know she posed like that on purpose to look pathetic. I know this because she told me.

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